In questo post viene descritta, in lingua inglese, la biografia di Brnard Shaw, meglio conosciuto come G.B. Shaw. Bernard Shaw, born in Dublin in 1856, was essentially shy, yet created the persona of G.B.S., the showman, controversialist, satirist, critic, pundit, wit, intellectual buffoon and dramatist. Commentators brought a new adjective into the English language: Shavian, a term used to … Continua a leggere


In questo post viene descritta, in inglese, la vita dell’autore irlandese James Joyce. James Joyce  was   an  Irishman,  he  was  born  in  Dublin  in   1882,  of  a middle-class  Irish  Catholic  family.   In 1888  James  was  sent  to a Catholic  institution   run  by   the   Jesuit  order :  the  Jesuit were responsable for all of   … Continua a leggere


In questo post viene descritto, in inglese, l’Ulysses di James Joyce. The protagonists are three: Stephen Dedalus, a young teacher with literary ambitions, Leopold Bloom, a middle age Jew of Hungarian origin who lives in Dublin and his wife Molly Bloom, a singer and a sensual woman whose infidelity is chronic. The day start when Stephen leaves the Martello Tower, … Continua a leggere


In questo post viene illustrato, in lingua inglese, il conflitto che coinvolse l’Irlanda del Nord a causa delle religioni. The conflict in Northern Ireland began in 1969 with Civil Rights marches by Roman Catholics who are the minority religion there. The main terrorist organisation in Ireland, the Irish Republican Army, (IRA) used and encouraged the traditional division between the dominant … Continua a leggere

GEORGE ORWELL: A negative future Utopia

In questo post viene fornita, in inglese, una biografia dello scrittore George Orwell. George Orwell was born Eric Arthur Blair in 1903, in the village of Motihari, India.  In 1930, he wrote Down and Out, then titled A Scullion’s diary, a work that was rejected twice from the publishers; but, the moment he decided to burn it, it was finally … Continua a leggere